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Give yourself 24 months extra tranquillity with the SWID's Extended Warranty
2 yearswarranty extension on Swid sous vide immersion circulator
  1. Addelice proposes, against payment, a prolonged warranty (2 years) to the Legal Warranty (2 years) already benefiting to all Addelice's Immersion Circulators, the SWID.

  2. The Extended Warranty offer is strictly limited to the SWID version.

  3. The Extended Warranty is strictly limited to customers purchasing at the same time the SWID and the Extended Warranty. The Extended Warranty can only be purchased directly with Addelice ltd.

  4. The Extended Warranty applies Worldwide.

  5. The Extended Warranty will take effect immediately upon the expiration of the Legal Warranty of two (2) years. The Legal Warranty having taken effect from the date of reception by the buyer of the SWID Immersion Circulator.

  6. The Extended Warranty is transferable; the original purchaser of the SWID can sell his SWID together with its Extended Warranty and therefore maximise the value of resale of the SWID.

  7. The Extended Warranty is a service agreement, it covers parts (incl. wearing parts) and labor but excludes cosmetic damage and shipping costs.

  8. The Extended Warranty will expire at the expiration of the warranty period of two (2) years, or four (4) years after reception of the SWID Immersion Circulator by the buyer.

  9. Throughout the duration of the Extended Warranty, the Swid must be maintained/de-scaled regularly and used properly. Otherwise, Addélice will no longer be contractually bound by its obligations under this Extended Warranty.

  10. The customer can assert his rights resulting from the Extended Warranty exclusively against Addélice Ltd.

  11. Whilst it is the case, there is no obligation under the Extended Warranty if it turns out that the defect was caused by:

  • A misuse of the SWID otherwise than for the purpose for which the SWID was designed,

  • A repair performed by the purchaser himself or by a third party, or

  • If the SWID has been repaired or modified without the express approval of Addélice Ltd.

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