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  • Who is Addélice?
    Addelice, was established in 2008 out of an ambitious project developed by a group of food enthusiasts with backgrounds in engineering, business, IT, design and chemistry. With our offerings we want to make the sous vide techniques accessible to all Chefs and Caterers. Design, quality and care for details are in the centre of our efforts.
  • What does SWID mean?
    SWID is a play with the words “sous vide” which means “under vacuum” in French. We think “SWID” sounds better than X2750T, is easy to remember and easy to pronounce in different languages.
  • Is the SWID designed for Professionals or for Individuals?
    In 2008 the SWID was the world’s first immersion circulator dedicated to Sous-Vide cooking. Our engineers have designed the swid with top Chefs’ requirements and cooking purposes in mind. The SWID is definitly a high quality professional device. Thanks to its ease of use, small dimensions and very competitive price, the SWID can also be used at home.
  • What makes the SWID so different compared to its competitors?
    The SWID is not a laboratory device, it is a cooking equipment. Target customers for professional immersion circulator manufacturers are usually laboratories. Our target customers are Chefs and cooking enthusiasts. The SWID has been specifically designed for cooking. We saved on all features that are irrelevant for culinary purposes. Our machine has no serial port to read out temperature curves, it may only be used with water, it is not possible to attach cooling devices to the SWID. We, however, do not save on quality or other features which are relevant for cooking like our smart timer, extreme accuracy and stability (Pt100 probe with 4 wires) and safety features. Operating the SWID is a breeze – all functions can be controlled with just three buttons. The SWID benefits from an exclusive Adaptive PID Control – the SWID “autotunes” itself to the used container (up to 58 liters!) by calculating the bath volume and adjusting the control parameters accordingly. Comparable features are usually only available for very expensive laboratories immersion circulators. The SWID is very compact and light compared to its competitors. It can be stored and transported easily. All immersed parts of the SWID are made of high quality stainless steal. The SWID benefits from a 2 years worldwide warranty. Addelice is committed to repairing the Swid for 10 years, minimum!
  • Does the SWID work in any country? What about the power plug type?
    The Swid is functioning in 220V (50 or 55Hz). Unfortunately we do not currently offer a 110V version of the Swid yet. We are working on it and it will probably be available next year. We can offer EU, UK and CH power plugs. On request we can send you a tutorial showing step by step to your electricien/technicien how to replacing the power plug with your local one.
  • Is the 8 litres/min circulation pump of the SWID sufficient to stir up to 58 litres water container appropriately?
    Yes, the SWID circulation pump in addition with natural convection is enough to stabilize the temperature (± 0.05 °C) of a 58 litres water bath. Remarkable temperature stability can be achieved at the condition using insulated water containers and a lid.
  • The SWID has 2,000 W of heating power, does that mean it heats with 2,000W all the time?"
    No, the SWID heats with full power until the desired target temperature has been reached. Maintaining the temperature of the water bath needs only a very small amount of energy (depending on the insulation and the volume of the used container) – typically less than 50 Wh.
  • Does the SWID need specific maintenance?
    The SWID is a quality product and is designed for continuous operation under normal conditions. Although periodic maintenance of the SWID is not required, adhering to the following steps will greatly extend its lifespan: Detach the SWID after each use and dry it thoroughly. Change the water in the bath regularly. Only use mild soap and water or a mild general-purpose spray cleaner to clean the case of the SWID. Be careful to prevent cleaning liquids from getting inside the controller The heater should be kept clean to ensure maximum heating efficiency. Deposits may be removed by scouring with a non-metallic scour pad. Do not use copper or steel wool to prevent scratches on the heater. Mineral sediments may build up on the SWID after longer periods of usage. A deep cleaning procedure is therefore recommended at least once a month. For this purpose we recommend using an anti-liming product.
  • Can I purchase the SWID with a VISA or other credit cards?
    You can order via PAYPAL, wire transfer or credit card. To order with a credit card select “Wire Transfer” during checkout process and finalize the order. After that contact us to confirm you want to pay with a credit card. Subsequently you will receive an email from PAYPAL with instructions how to pay with your credit card without registering it to PAYPAL.
  • How to contact the SWID Customer Service?
    If you face any issue with the SWID don’t hesitate to contact us via the “Contact Us” form. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Please indicate precisely your name and contact details, date of puchase of the Swid, and a short description of the issue. Don’t ship your SWID before we get back to you with a RMA (Return Merchandize Authorisation) along with the location of the closest SWID service center.
  • Is sous vide safe?
    Like any other cooking method, Sous-Vide cooking has its advantages and drawbacks. If you want to cook sous vide in a safe way always use fresh ingredients and pay attention to the proper pasteurization of your food. In any case we highly recommend reading Baldwin’s Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking. If you are a professional we strongly recommend you to follow a sous vide course. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we may be able, depending of your country, to recommend you one.
  • Where can I find cooking times and temperatures for specific meat and fish?
    We recommend reading Douglas Baldwin’s Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking that provides interesting cooking tables.
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